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Born in Syria, a community with an astounding tradition of art and culture, Maher has proved to be a natural in the realm of creativity.

Through the working years, he has always stayed connected with art. As an Art Director, the truly skilled worker of art has always been provided with the perfect platform to keep his creative fire alive which earned him much respect and recognition due to his ingenuity and imagination.

However, his deep-rooted passion for Calligraphy made him push the boundaries of art as well as his own potential even further - to unfold a distinct style of his own. His works have already drawn great admiration from several dignitaries in the region and distinguished connoisseurs of art.

Maher loves details. The eye-catching intricacy and skilled mastery of style showcase a powerful blend of the classic with the contemporary. His aim is to add value to today’s art using tradition, but leading into the digital world.

So true is he to his craftsmanship that he even devotes time into making his own quills and tools while sharpening skills in the art. He spends hours studying, exploring and experimenting with various artistic techniques – seeking inspiration from the traditional – but to immerge with effects that are uniquely his own.

Maher's works are a revelation of his soul.

A man of quiet and simple demeanor, he is blessed with a deeply reflective mind which evokes fresh perceptions of life that resonate with passionate energy and imagination in his innovative art forms

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